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Ubisoft’s The Division Server Offline Issue and Updates

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The Division was just recently launched last March 8 and the servers are already going offline from time to time. It is still a week after its launch and it has been offline a lot of times. This is a bit annoying for those who have decided to spend a huge part of their time playing the game. The down time only lasts a bit over 15 minutes, but this is already affecting the patience of a lot of gamers. The downtime always comes a bit too unexpected after a day of maintenance, making us assume that the developers just restart the server after implementing some changes.

Its official release wasn?t as smooth as everybody thought it would be. It was getting a huge number of complaints because of the servers? connectivity. Though, it wasn?t really a connectivity issue but a developer mandated server restart. After the server was up, the servers were again disconnected, warning players with yet another informed maintenance that would eventually lead to a downtime of 2 hours.

Sadly, even though it took only 2 hours to get the servers up, some didn?t even come back online at all. This turned into a massive protest on some forums. Some players were able to get back playing but for some there was no luck. They have to wait again just to keep playing. Ubisoft, however, did implement some useful changes related to the Dark Zone and fixed balancing issues for experience gain and drop rates. The Division may have been a bit troublesome at first but we?re hopeful that these issues will be addressed soon.

Update Notes from The Division implemented last March 12.

Disabled “Trained Talent” as it could give an unfair advantage in end-game content and in the Dark Zone. Note: this Talent will still be visible on weapons but will have no effect until a further update where it will be replaced on existing weapons

General balancing of experience gain and drop rates for items and currency

Credits to Ubisoft for the updates: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1407188-Changelog-%E2%80%93-March-12-2016-Restart


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