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Ubisoft?s The Division Faces Cheating Issues

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Following the launch of The Division on PC, Xbox One and PS4 last week, reports surfaced that some gamers are actually tinkering with the PC version. A Reddit thread got people talking about the things and alterations they have witnessed, including unlimited ammo, apparent invincibility, severe damage and zero recoil, according to Forbes.

While some of the game information are being run by the server, several are reportedly being controlled by clients or gamers, which means it could possibly be manipulated by bold players. Some arguments arise, debating on what are actually possible, but a number of speculations point to what seems like cheating.

Cheating is an open secret in the game that Ubisoft itself acknowledged and committed to boost its protection against such similar occurrences in the future. However, despite being reprimanded during its beta testing, The Country Caller reveals Ubisoft seems to have totally forgotten the feedback and is now plagued with a number of players packing aimbots, wall hacks and so on. Reports even found that players most likely did not have a hard time cracking open Ubisoft?s anti-cheat system.

Forbes, on the other hand, believes that Ubisoft may have eyes everywhere that even with client-side alteration, it can detect cheating details, like who and where. So perhaps, the developer is still currently gathering data and evidences before it will ban those who are found cheating.

Contrary to reported claims, Natchai Stappers, Ubisoft?s community manager, explained on its initial response over cheating concerns that ?The things discussed here are not in fact hacks or cheats, but merely abuse of glitches that exist in the game currently. These glitches are currently being worked on by the team.?

Nevertheless, if Ubisoft insists on not taking actions about this problem, players are soon going to walk away, leaving behind the post-apocalyptic New York City more devoid. No one really is interested on seriously playing and devoting time to a game where others are simply cheating.

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