Ubisoft Warns About Fake Reviews of Watch Dogs

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Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs

A recent review of Watch Dogs sparked quite some attention from games across the internet. Who would not be infuriated by a hardcore fake review, that does not give justice to the much-anticipated game?s real specs and feats? Some people just don?t know what ?review embargo? is.

?Hackers have attempted to infiltrate our system and post false reviews of Watch Dogs. All valid reviews will emerge at release on May 27_? official Watch Dogs tweeted.

Without dropping names, Watch Dogs? tweet is probably pinpointing one ?fake? review and this is most likely the one from WCCFTech site. Regardless if fake or not, Ali Naqi?s review of Watch Dogs, on an Xbox One console (not the primary console that Watch Dogs advocate for), ?already served its purpose. Traffic, and regardless if people hated it or not, is the deal for WCCFTech site apparently.

The review greatly criticized the game for not looking great as its E3 2012?s look. It even stated that you?d be better ?off with Grand Theft Auto 5, rather than spending some cash on the new title.

Ubisoft strongly discredits the review because it is clearly one from the beta or ?unfinished? copy of the game.

“Not yet they don’t – sorry to disappoint ?and even if they did, they shouldn’t be publishing this early – as far as I am aware. The ‘review’, ?maybe based on unfiinal code – and therefore should not be considered a fair representation of the game..If they have a ‘retail’ copy – they got it via some other means than a store – or – Ubisoft sending it out.. And it wouldn’t have any updates it may require.?Seems to be a lot of things appearing for some reason. However, if they are not legit, I personally wouldn’t give them a viewing.” – Lead Watch Dogs designer.

As to how the guys from this no name site got the beta copy, nobody knows, but Ubisoft is not crediting this review and people should wait for the official release of the game before believing such reviews.

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