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Ubisoft Taking Down Free-To-Play Servers, 5 Games Shutting Down Before End Of Year

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It is a sad day for online gamers everywhere. Especially the ones playing Ubisoft?s online free-to-play game titles. Ubisoft has announced yesterday that it will be shutting down its servers for four of their game titles.

On Oct 25, the online server for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot will be shut down. This will be followed by Tom Clancy?s Endwar and Might and Magic Duel of Champions on Oct. 31. Finally, Ghost Recon Phantoms server will be out of commission by Dec. 1.

Much like in mobile devices, these free-to-play games offered gamers the ability to purchase in-game money to supplement their gameplay. These online monetary units are then used to buy accessories that help the gamer during the game. Unfortunately, after years of being online, Ubisoft has finally deemed it necessary to shut down these games. The gaming company has made its announcement through its various gaming blogs. It also stated that prior to the server shutdown, it will cease to operate its online shops. This will prevent players from purchasing any accessories for the game. Also, any left over online monetary units will not be subject to conversion to actual currency, the company said. The company has added that players will not be able to host the games on their own after the shutdown. Ubisoft also does not have any plans in developing sequels for the said games.


Some of these games have been online for more than 4 years. The Ghost Recon game title was originally conceived in 2009. After three years of development, it was released to the general public. Since then, this third-person tactical shooting game has been providing endless fun to its players.

A sad day indeed for online gamers worldwide. They have lost their beloved game titles. Most of the players were deeply saddened by the announcement. Some of them expressing their frustrations on the game?s community websites. While some of them bid their games farewell.

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