Ubisoft For Honor Updates: How Not To Get Banned From Latest Patch Update

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For Honor Update

Ubisoft recently released their Live Update 2 for the For Honor Patch 1.03. The DLC will fix connection problems and improve match stability. However, the most interesting part of the add-on is the fact that it will intensify the developer’s efforts on banning players from the game. Question is, how can you not be banned from the slash fighting game?

According to GameSpot, Ubisoft has become more serious in dealing with cheaters in the game. The company’s Reddit already mentioned that they have already banned more than 1,500 gamers for “AFK farming.” So basically, for you not to get banned from the game is by simply not cheating on it.

Speaking of “AKF farming,” the publication noted that it is finishing a match without even playing. Through this cheat, gamers can easily gain end-of-game rewards without a sweat. It was even further elaborated that players tend to tie rubber bands around their analog sticks for their character to keep on moving. This trick would make the game think they are playing, though in fact they are not.

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Those who used those kinds of tricks already received a three-day ban. Another 4,000 players, on the other hand, have been detected using the “AKF farming” method and will receive warnings from Ubisoft. Obviously, gamers can easily avoid the ban just by playing fair in the game. But if you don’t, be ready to say goodbye to the slash fighting game.

‘For Honor’ Live Update 2 Patch 1.03

Meanwhile, the patch of the game will focus more on the connection issues players are experiencing. After the live update, you should expect less of those problems as Ubisoft will be fixing specific bugs in their multiplayer matchmaking. The update will go live on March 15 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time.

“We are aware that some players are experiencing errors that are causing disconnects in multiplayer matches. Our team has identified a bug causing some of the #6000018 and #6000039 errors. We are deploying a fix today at 1PM EST on all platforms to fix this bug and improve match stability,” said the company in a statement as reported by PVP Live.

There you have it! The latest news and updates about the upcoming For Honor Live Update 2 Patch 1.03. Do you think it is necessary for the developers to ban AFK farmers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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