Ubisoft DLC Model: New Change Only For Multiplayer Games?

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Ubisoft recently made an interesting announcement. The company has stated that they would no longer be selling DLC needed to get the game’s ?full experience.? Apparently, the company will now be following the recent Titanfall 2 DLC model that fans are currently raving about. This is coming off the heels of giving away free DLC for Rainbow Six: Siege.

One has to wonder if this will apply to the company’s single-player games as well. From what can be seen in their statement from Games Industry, this might only apply to multiplayer games. Though there was a statement made on monetization, Rainbow Six was the only game mentioned and they stressed the importance of everyone having the “exact same experience of the other gamers.” Here is hoping that the company means this for all of their games.

Pay Woes

Judging from the statement, it seems like Ubisoft has learned their lesson from past mistakes. One only has to look at the aggressive in-game buying of The Division to see their previous faults. Despite it being a success, players fell out of love quickly with the open-world multiplayer shooter. With a sequel possibly coming, here is hoping the company has a true change of heart.

Free DLC for Rainbow Six: Siege is a decent start for the company. It will be interesting to see if the company does the same thing for the upcoming Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Like Siege, Wildlands will have single-player and multiplayer modes. Now that the company has turned over a new leaf, one can hope that future maps and weapons will be free.?

Single-Player Concern

Despite making a ton of successful single-player games, Ubisoft has been known for adding pay-to-win purchases. Fans will remember how the company sold certain items in the in-game store of Assassin’s Creed games. Their statement on the matter was unconvincing, as they said it was for less experienced players that wanted an easy time. It was a weak excuse.

Now that the company has supposedly changed, their future looks pretty bright. Prior to this statement, Ubisoft also announced that they would be making more open-ended games in the future. With a new direction, it seems like nothing can stop the award-winning game company now. Gamers can currently pick up Watch Dogs 2 and Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection on current-gen consoles and PC.

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