Uber Express Pool Offers Cheaper Fares for a Little Walking

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Uber Express Pool

Uber has now introduced the newest option in their ride-hailing service: enter Uber Express Pool, the cheapest Uber service yet. How does it work and why does it feature cheaper fares?

Uber Express Pool Offers the Cheapest Fares Yet

A cheaper version of its UberPool service, Express Pool essentially requires riders to walk a short distance to meet their driver. A bit of walking is also necessary when riders reach their destination. Riders who opt for Express Pool will be asked to wait while Uber’s algorithm finds an optimal match with a driver. This is on top of being matched with another passenger.

From there, riders will be required to walk to the pickup point and join any other passengers they have been matched with. They will then be dropped off within the vicinity of their destination and can walk the remainder of the short distance from there.

With this method, Uber aims to make shared rides more efficient. The approach is intended to not only make shared trips faster for riders, but to also increase the number of rides that drivers can provide. Through Uber Express Pool’s cheaper rates, Uber now anticipates that the utilization of their app will increase.

As it is still new, the service is not without its own share of hiccups. According to reports, some drivers who have already tested out Express Pool have experienced some complications with certain passengers. In particular, some riders allegedly continue to insist that their Uber driver pick them up or drop them off at their desired location. This thus defeats the very concept of what Express Pool offers.

Uber Express Pool was previously being tested in Boston and San Francisco. Today, it is now available in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Denver. The new service will also launch in Philadelphia, Miami, and Washington, D.C.

Other Uber News

Express Pool aside, Uber is also focusing on safety improvements as it fights to regain its operating license in London. To reiterate, Transport for London did not renew Uber’s license as there was some concern regarding Uber’s approach to reporting serious criminal offenses. In light of such, Uber is now making some tweaks to its policies.

Uber UK now vows to proactively report any serious incident to authorities that their drivers share. Such efforts may also be aided by the use of dash cams or other surveillance devices, though whether Uber will install such is still up in the air. Regardless, Uber will also be making use of a live map for drivers so as to inform their family and friends their location when they’re on the road, thus utilizing a more open perspective of keeping surveillance.

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