U.K. Dungeon Keeper: Ad Banned Over Misleading Content

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If you have a product that needs to be sold, one of the things that you need to do is to get it to the right people. That is why people resort to advertising. You give ?information that your customers will get attracted to. Just like those overly fresh and pumped burgers that you see on signs and commercials. But when you get there, you will be served a flat, lesser (ingredients), and lifeless burger like “something died in there”. Not all advertisements are totally accurate.

Though clever ads get a lot of praises in today?s market, you can?t be too sure about its quality. However, misleading people into buying your product is a red flag that you do not want to do. Just like this advert banned in UK.

The Dungeon Keeper advert in UK was banned after a ruling that it has been misleading its customers. The game Dungeon Keeper is supposed to be a ?free game?, but according to several investigations, the progression of the game will somehow force you to purchase.

According to their advertisement that is being scrutinized;

?GET DUNGEON KEEPER ON MOBILE FOR FREE! ? DIG. DEVISE. DOMINATE. Build the most badass dungeon ever! Raise an army of diabolical minions and lay twisted traps to destroy any opponents foolish enough to set foot in your lair. MASTER THE HAND OF EVIL Cast powerful spells, pillage and plunder other players? dungeons, and slap your imps around to make them work harder. A world of wicked fun is right at your fingertips. What are you waiting for, Keeper? Get it for FREE!?

Dungeon Keeper was published by EA. EA?s UK branch and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) of UK are on this matter.

EA made a statement;

?In-game content is available to all players, whether or not they make in-app purchases. Gameplay without in-app purchasing is not severely limited.?

The game uses 3 types of currency, Stone, Gold, and Gems. The problem is that the game timer goes in an unreasonable length as the game progresses, leaving you the option to use Gems which is very limited and the only source to get more is to buy some from the store. The Ad can be restored later but with changes as it gives players ?false info about the said game



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