Two New Mac Malware Discovered; Users Warned to Remain Vigilant

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Two new Mac Malware discovered

There is no denying that the Mac has been gaining popularity over the years. So far, many users find it a lot more easier and stabler to use than its counterpart. Unfortunately, with increase popularity also comes increased risk. Today, two new Mac malware were discovered for sale on the dark reaches of the Internet.

According to Bleeping Computer, the two Mac malware, called MacSpy and MacRansom, are being peddled on the Dark Web for almost two weeks now. These malware, as their names suggest, can either spy on a Mac system of hold it for ransom unit a payment is made.

Luckily, these new Mac malware are still operating in a closed manner. Meaning, nobody can just download the malware and use it to their heart’s content. This also means that there is still a very slim chance that the malware will spread like wild fire.

Of the two, the MacSpy is a bit more well coded, according to Bleeping Computer. Nevertheless, both Mac malware are not digitally signed. Which means, if someone is to install it on a system, the user will get a prompt from macOS warning about the installation. On the other hand, this does not mean that Mac users should be complacent about these malware. Users are still urged to exercise extreme caution when installing applications.

Two new Mac Malware discovered

MacSpy malware being sold in the Dark Web (via

Two new Mac Malware discovered

MacRansom works the same way as WannaCry malware (via

Over the last few months, Mac malware have grown at an alarming rate. By the end of 2016, malware attacks on Mac computers rose to 744 percent. At least every day, there are new malware being released for the Mac ecosystem.

To ensure the safety of your Mac, users are suggested to avoid installing applications outside of Apple’s App Store. However, in the event that a third-party app is needed, make sure that the source is a trustworthy one. Although Apple is doing its best to keep the Mac ecosystem safe and sound, it is still necessary to not act overconfident and remain vigilant at all times.

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