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Two Games in One, Minecraft and Sims

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Two of the most addicting games known to man can now be played in one game. Majority of gamers know what Minecraft is and how addicting that game can be. You build things by putting blocks on top of each other or beside them or whatever way you can possibly think of, you are the creator of that world. But before that, there?s also a game that many people got addicted to, Sims and Sim City. Those are like the Minecraft of yesterday.

But a talented Modder named Scott Hather A.K.A Satscape invented a wonderful mod, Sim-U-Kraft. Like Minecraft and Sim City wasn?t addicting enough. He made this mod a few years back and really added a new twist for the game.

This mod only supports single player, but nonetheless, it will still be enjoyable. It brings a new “addition” to the game. It has many features, to name a few….. you can let your NPC build residential buildings, commercial, industrial and structures to choose from. You can even order your NPC or ?Sim? to guard the city from monsters,….. you must have a barracks for this one though. But in order for you to build one you must have at least 1 “population” and use an item, the Sim-u-constructor. Place it down in front of you, with a chest beside it and right click the device to show the menu.

This will give you the options to build anything you want the mod has to offer. It can be from a little house made of wood to large castles and cathedrals. Also, for you to really enjoy this game and mod, I suggest you go with creative mode, where resources are infinite and there will be no building requirements necessary, plus, the building time will be much shorter on this mode compared to survival mode.

The game also has a few features from Sims and Sim City….. for example,? ?your NPC also sleeps at night and gets hungry. They also hangout with each other, fall in love, get married and have a baby. All NPCs have 3 skills for you to develop. There are Building skills which will level up if you let your ?Sim? do all the buildings for the town or city; Soldier where he/she/them will protect the village from monsters of the night, and Mining…… this is pretty much self-explanatory.

This mod is available for both 1.6.4 and 1.7 version of Minecraft. It is also compatible with other mods.

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Photo and credit goes to the developer of the mod : Scott Hather A.K.A Satscape


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