Two Asian Teams Might Not Join The International DOTA 2 Tournament; U.S. Visa Application Denied

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Just a month short before ?The International 4 DOTA 2 tournament commences, problems still continue to hound the players. The International 4 or TI4 is the biggest annual DOTA 2 tournament organized by Valve which features the best DOTA 2 teams from all over the world.

It appears that some teams in the Asian region are still having visa issues. By the looks of it, 4 members of the Chinese team CIS-Game and their manager got denied their U.S. visas. According to a post in the LiquidDota Forums, the players have no idea why they got denied by the embassy. One of them says that the embassy only said ?sorry? to them and provided no explanation. Their other member, a German citizen, says he has no idea on what is going on either. They are currently retrying their luck the second time. CIS-Game placed second in the TI4 Chinese qualifiers who came short in beating rivals LGD-Gaming.

Meanwhile, another Asian team, Arrow Gaming from Malaysia suffered a similar fate a month before,?where ?4 of their members got their visas denied. They already requested assistance from Valve to help secure their visas the second time around. The team secured their slot by winning the Southeast-Asian qualifiers last month.

Asian teams, China in particular, are no strangers to visa issues as they have a history of trouble in ?securing visas.

The fate of both these teams shall be revealed in the following weeks. One thing?s for sure though, these players are not willing to give up their chance to compete in the most prestigious DOTA 2 tournament.

19 teams from 4 continents will battle it out for the chance to win a hefty cut from the biggest ever prize pool of any game in eSports history. The prize pool is currently sitting at $9,900,000 and is still continuing to grow; a hundred thousand dollars shy of reaching a remarkable $10 million. Thanks to the TI4 Compendium, players are able to contribute to the pool.

The International 4 main event will take place in KeyArena at Seattle, Washington on July 18-21.

Update: It seems that Arrow Gaming from Malaysia has successfully secured their visas yesterday. Meanwhile, there is still no news regarding the players from CIS-Game.

Image Source: DOTA 2 Official Site

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