Twitter’s Profile Redesign Testing Similar to Facebook’s Timeline

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Twitter has been making tweaks to its profile design, choosing random users as part of its redesign experiment. These users experienced the return of the vertical timeline and larger photos. A lot has been written about Facebook adopting Twitter features such as highlighting trending topics and the use of hashtags. However, it looks like Twitter is now doing the same with Facebook ? like profile design.

A Facebook ? Like Profile

Assistant features editor of Mashable Matt Petronzio first noticed the major changes on his Twitter profile page. Matt saw how the layout went back to a single vertical stream. Previously in their experiment, various cards of different sizes showed up on the page.

A lot of people reacted negatively on the redesign test of Twitter, saying that it looked like Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. They also disliked the way Twitter is planning to get out of the vertical stream. Matt?s recently tweeted photo also seemed significantly bigger.

Design Tests on Random Users

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It is common for this social media to test new designs and features before tweaking it to the user base. Whenever they do experiments, Twitter would typically go after random users. The test design shows the tweet count, photos, videos, followers, people you are following, favorites and lists under the header photo. The randomly chosen user will see an option to see Tweets and Replies or just Tweets for every user.

Users that were chosen to feel the test profile redesign will also view other profiles the same way. This means that if Petronzio is following you, you can ask him to show you what your profile looks like with the test design. The header photo size recommended in the test design is 1500 x 500 pixels. This is bigger than the current 1252 x 626 design. If this becomes the new and final design for Twitter, users will have to change their pictures if they do not want them looking stretched.

All About Me

This redesign experiment focuses on everything about the user. However, Twitter has not confirmed if this new feature will be carried out to all users after the experiment. We cannot expect this to happen soon because Twitter does its redesign experiments for months.


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