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Before and after the video game warzone? one of the many ways most of us keep in contact with one another is twitter. ?If you are not following us you are missing some of the magic that is . Follow us to watch the magic happen. After the jump is a list of people from the site.

Torrence Davis (Editor-in-chief) ?

?Kristen Perez (Gamemeetsgirl) ?

?Mike A. (hatedgreatness) ?

Mario (snskid) ?

Steven Heller ?

?Zack Warren (ICE) ?

?Jorge Murphy (The Social Gamer) ?

John Agan (Dirty Bird Phoenix) ? ?

Dale Martin (Braynbasher) ?

?Matt G. –

?We are also very approachable to connect with and answer questions on twitter @reply as at anytime.

Next week I will outline where you can find us on gaming consoles and PC.? Stay tuned.

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