Twitter to roll-out new web profile; unhappy users say ?it looks like Facebook?

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Twitter on Tuesday announced that it will soon roll-out the redesigned and improved web profile for a ?whole new you?.

In a statement posted by David Bellona (@davidbellona) in their official website, Twitter said, ?Moment by moment, your Twitter profile shows the world who you are. Starting today, it will be even easier (and, we think, more fun) to express yourself through a new and improved web profile.?

Despite the complaints of some users about the upcoming look of Twitter, the company will soon roll-out the new profiles for Twitter users.

The latest upgrade of Twitter which talks about ?the new you? will let users to make use of a larger photo, customized header (just like that of Facebook), show off the best Tweets, and pin them on top of their web page to promote them.

According to Twitter, here are the main features of the soon to be ?new you? in your Twitter account:

? Best Tweets: Tweets that have received more engagement will appear slightly larger, so your best content is easy to find.
? Pinned Tweet: Pin one of your Tweets to the top of your page, so it?s easy for your followers to see what you?re all about.
? Filtered Tweets: Now you can choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles. Select from these options: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.

As of today, the new profile setup is available to a small group of users only, but Twitter said in the coming weeks, they will roll-out the new features to everyone. However, a great news for those who do not have a Twitter account yet because Twitter said that as soon as they sign up starting today, they will have the new profile setup ready to use.

?This new profile setup is available today to a small group of users. If you?re new to Twitter, you?ll start in with the new profile,? Twitter said.

Twitter also said that to have a peek of what?s coming, check out the following web profiles:

Film stars @zacefron and @channingtatum
French TV host @nikosaliagas
Australian Football League @AFL
First Lady Michelle Obama @flotus
Brazilian singer, guitarist, and songwriter @gilbertogil
Boxer @FloydMayweather
TV star @kerrywashington
Musicians @JohnLegend and band @weezer
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