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Twitter Is Removing Tweetdeck From Windows

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Twitter has announced that they will be removing its TweetDeck service on Windows, which is part of the upcoming changes that the online social networking service is planning. The standalone TweetDeck app for Windows will be removed and will take effect on April 15th, according to WinBeta.

It should be considered as a significant change for Windows users since they may have to change their process of using Tweetdeck, but details from Twitter?s official blog stated that this move is a part of a seamless log-in experience that will help users.

New change on Twitter

Twitter also announced that you don?t need to log in to TweetDeck separately if you?re already logged in to any Twitter website, such as or This will allow you to move between Twitter?s programs everyday without the hassle, according to Twitter?s official blog.

?To better focus on enhancing your TweetDeck experience, we?ll no longer support a standalone Windows app,? Product Manager Amy Zima said in Twitter?s official blog. ?If you use Windows, you?ll still be able to visit TweetDeck on the web – nothing is changing about the TweetDeck itself, just where you access it from.?

If you?re still uncomfortable with the change from Twitter, you can have better access to your TweetDeck by pinning it to your taskbar. Check out the instructions from Twitter?s official blog:

  • Open in Chrome
  • Click Customize and control > More tools > Add to taskbar
  • You can now launch TweetDeck directly from your taskbar

Aside from the removing the TweetDeck service on Windows, the social networking service have been doing infrastructure projects, such as ?TweetDeck Teams, group Direct Messages, and a confirmation step before Tweeting.? Twitter?s official blog also shared that the company is making its way to new search filter for easier use of content such as Vines, GIFs, Periscopes just to name a few.

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