Twitter Reacts To KPop Star Jessi And Rapper Dumbfoundead’s ‘Minutes-Long’ Relationship

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Jessi and Dumbfounded shocked fans on February 14 when they admitted their relationship. However, the Kpop diva and her rapper beau confused everyone when they declared their split just a few minutes later. Hallyu fans wasted no time and joked about the two stars via Twitter and online reports.

OSEN announced the two’s romance in an exclusive Valentine’s Day report. As per an insider, they had a long distance relationship due to their careers. Dumbfounded is an LA-based rapper of Korean descent. While Jessi is partly American, the 28-year-old sexy performer is more active in South Korea.

Jessi and Dumbfoundead’s real status

Things got confusing just a few minutes after their big reveal. YMC Entertainment issued an official statement about their prized female talent. According to them, the new couple had broken up already.

YMC explained that they checked with Jessi herself as Kpop fans began to get very intrusive on Twitter. A lot of them prodded for more relationship details on other social media pages and news sites. This is likely why the agency did not wait long to set the record straight.

“They recently broke up and decided to focus on their work,” reps clarified. The spokesperson admitted that they are not fully aware of the ex-couple’s full relationship details. They also seemingly dismissed having to explain things even further. “It’s her personal life,” Jessi’s reps said at the end of the statement.

The best love you can have is one for yourself. ???Happy Valentines Day ???

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Social media reacts

Those who followed the issue went online to joke about Jessi and Dumbfoundead. Aside from social media, some of them commented on news reports, such as the one from Koreaboo. As much as they allegedly want to sympathize about the split, the duration of the celebrities’ “romance” just seemed to short.

“Why do I find this funny?” one commenter posted, seconded by other readers. Others started betting about how long they think the two’s relationship really lasted. However, a few also reasoned that the ex-couple might have tried to hide their status and eventual split. As such, the same day reveal does not exactly mean that both events took place on the exact date.

As per Korea Portal, the twosome started dating each other due to their shared interest in hip-hop. They have also reportedly been spotted with mutual friends and music colleagues while in the US. The musicians also regularly upload social media snapshots of themselves together. This means that their relationship possible began a long time ago, and not just when media announced it.

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