Twitter Now Supports Animated GIFs!

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Twitter GIF Support
Twitter GIF Support

Twitter is one step ahead of Facebook with its new feature. It just became one of the few, if not the only one left, of social networking sites that support the use of animated GIF.? Now, just imagine how people will abuse this. (Just kidding. Let?s hope they don?t so it won?t be removed)

Animated GIFs will be supported on every Twitter sub-platform (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile)

Twitter GIF Support

Twitter GIF Support

“Starting today, you can share and view animated GIFs on Twitter.com, Android and iPhone,” The Twitter support account tweeted.

It works when you see a specific Tweet on your timeline by clicking the triangular button (which looks like a ?play? button anyway). The animated GIF (pronounced as ?jif?) also plays back automatically if you view the tweet itself. Just like what you would see if you click the image in this article.

With the number of retweets, that this announcement got, we can bet that Twitter users are certainly looking forward to increased activity in the network. What?s not to love about? being able to share your favorite short animated images on your social media wall? It is something between posting cute images and videos, but better and more efficient than both.

Google+ did the same thing way back in 2013. Possibly, with the same thing in mind, which is to gain advantage on the social media competition. Pinterest also jumped into this animated GIF trend not long ago.

Still, Facebook refuses to implement such feature into their platform for some reason, but encourages people to look at the ads they show instead. Clear enough,? we know what these social media sites? priorities are, and it?s up to their subscribers what to think of it.

Image Source: Twitter

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