Twitter Love Story: Customer Secretly Live Tweets Girl’s Love Confession To A Barista

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Twitter Love Story

Just when people thought love was just an emotion seen on television screens, two people proved to all of us that love is just at the corner. And for this Twitter Love Story, two baristas found love in a coffee shop, which is luckily not much of a hopeless place.

Luckily, the Twitter world has @notjerryclayton to share every bit of detail about the entire event. Jerry Clayton was basically the hero of the scene for being ultimately supportive of the two, especially since the two baristas were at work serving him while it happened.

Jerry Clayton shares the Sweetest Twitter Love Story of 2016

While Jerry Clayton was just cluelessly sipping his favorite drink in a cafe in Brooklyn, the female barista of the shop suddenly confessed her love for her male co-worker. Right at that moment, Clayton tweeted the event which had everybody waiting for what will happen next.

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According to Jerry Clayton?s tweets, he was the only customer in the cafe when the girl employee bravely said to her co-worker that she has a crush on him. The guy then asks the girl how long she kept her feelings.

The female barista said that she had a crush on him for six months. Upon hearing it, the guy then said that he needs to think about what to say to the girl.

And then what?!

The guy disappeared for a few minutes, leaving the girl behind? leaving the Twitter world curious about the next scene. And just when all the world thought that it was the end of the Twitter Love Story. Jerry Clayton shared to us the sweetest news of the season.

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After the few minutes that seemed to be longer than six months, the male barista came back for the girl and kissed her. Care to guess what he said in return?

“I didn’t want to admit it to myself but I’ve always had a thing for you.” Right then and there, the feels hit the core of Twitter world?s heart, and everybody just went crazy about it.

Though some people are still quite skeptical about the entire love story, some people felt good about the event. And all of these would just be another Twitter Love Story untold if it wasn?t for ?@notjerryclayton.

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