Twitter Fail Gets Amazon Rescue by Buying With #AmazonCart Hashtag

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Twitter Fail Gets Amazon Rescue by Buying With #AmazonCart Hashtag

Recent reports (including a feature we have here at The Bitbag), announced the link up between Twitter and The partnership, as announced by Amazon, said that anyone who has both, a Twitter and Amazon account, can link up the two, and make the Amazon shopping experience easier.

Amazon explained that any tweet that contains a link to an product can immediately be added to your Amazon shopping cart, by simply replying to the tweet with the hashtag #AmazonCart (for users in the UK, the #AmazonBasket hashtag should be used). Like ?magic?, the product featured in the tweet, will show up in your Amazon shopping cart.

There will be no need for the customer to click on the product link, leave Twitter, ?log in to their Amazon account, and add the product to their shopping cart. Just reply to the tweet with the #AmazonCart hashtag and that’s it. Finished.

It should be noted that this Twitter ?tool? for Amazon, only puts the product in your shopping cart, and not purchasing it outright. You still need to go to your Amazon account and go through the usual purchasing process. This is a good precautionary system as it will protect your Amazon account, and also gives you the chance to change your mind about the purchase.

If you do change your mind and decide not to buy the product, simply remove the product from your shopping cart.

Many will see this feature as a tool that is beneficial to Amazon, as it will expand their reach to Twitter users, as well as make the shopping process easier (less clicks). Some industry analysts, however, are pointing out that this tool might be more helpful to Twitter than Amazon.

It has been reported that the usage of Twitter seems to be on the downtrend, and many are doubtful if Twitter will be able to retain its popularity in micro-blogging and social networking, given the massive competition, especially on mobile devices.

This partnership with Amazon, immediately provides Twitter with one of the more active activities online, which is shopping. And, when it comes to online shopping, is one of the more popular destinations for customers.

In fact, analysts point out, the link-up tool may be just a small ?toy? for Amazon shoppers to make the shopping experience fun and amusing. For Twitter however, it introduces the users to a new type of activity, and may just increase the usage of the usual passive ?tweeters?.

If this catches on, those who use Twitter rarely, or just when they are tired of using Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other networking sites and apps, will get the habit of using Twitter more and more, in the hope of finding a good ?buy?.

Once a product gets retweeted, all the Twitter user needs to do, is to search for the hashtag #AmazonCart, and it will give them a list of products that someone else found good enough to purchase. Customers, will, most often, ride on the bandwagon, and purchase the same product too.

This partnership between Amazon and Twitter, also blurs the lines between a product ad and a product listing. The fact that the product was re-tweeted (meaning it was placed in the shopping cart), is also an automatic endorsement of the product.

This is not only good news for Amazon and its product suppliers, but also for other online stores who would probably want to get into the same arrangement with Twitter (Note: Amazon is not the first company to link-up with Twitter with this arrangement, but maybe the most visible and effective partnership so far).

This arrangement with Amazon and other companies, will make the micro-blogging company a formidable platform in marketing and advertising, and just might save the day for Twitter.

To find out more, do watch this video from amazon / YouTube.

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