Twitter Edit Button Likely To Come Soon; CEO Hints Possibility in 2017

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Twitter Edit button

One of the worst nightmares of Twitter users is sending a tweet only to find out there?s a typographical error in their post. AND, of course, not having a Twitter Edit Button to save the day.

But just when people thought all hope for the button is gone, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey gave a statement that would probably cheer Twitter users up.

The Possibility of a Twitter Edit Button

Just recently, Dorsey dropped a question on Twitter that caused hullabaloo on the social media platform.

?What?s the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017,? Dorsey tweeted with the hashtag #2017 following the tweet of Brian Chesky, Airbnb CEO.

Twitter Edit button

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There was a long list of requests from Twitter users that included a bookmark button, which will allow users to access their favorite tweets easier. Other Twitter users requested for a more efficient system for harassment reports.

As of the moment, Dorsey?s tweet has already reached 1,042 retweets and 2,055 likes. And if you have something good in mind to share with Dorsey, Twitter users should know that he actually replies to?follow-up questions.

The most requested among all the feature suggestions is the Twitter Edit Button. The Twitter Edit Button will allow users to edit their tweet directly, instead of deleting their previous tweet and creating a new one. Which IS kind of a hassle.

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On the brighter side, Dorsey noticed the increasing demand for the feature. And, his answer is ?We?re thinking a lot about it.?

The Disadvantages of a Twitter Edit Button

While most Twitter users are convinced that they need a Twitter Edit Button, some users think that there?s a positive side of not having a Twitter Edit Button.

Some users feel like other people would just take advantage of the feature. With the Edit Button, people can use it to spread a tweet, have the tweet circulated, and use it to alter previous posts for something offensive.

Others also feel like the Twitter Edit Button would just damage the integrity of a Twitter conversation.

Should Twitter finally have an Edit Button? Send us your thoughts!

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Stay tuned to TheBitbag for developments on the Twitter edit button debacle.

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