Twitter allows users to add an item on their Amazon cart directly

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Twitter is coordinating with Amazon to come up with an innovative way to add items into your cart. The scenario is like this, for instance, you are checking things out on Twitter, and you stumble upon a link for an Amazon product ?that you may want to purchase. You will now be able to save that certain item on to your cart, without having the need to leave Twitter.

To do this, users will simply need to reply with the hashtag #AmazonCart and the item will be automatically added to your very own Amazon shopping cart. It?s an interesting and innovative update that helps save users from the extra time and hassle, of manually clicking the link and adding it to the Amazon cart.

An additional requirement to use this feature will be to connect your Twitter account to Amazon to make it work. It?s only logical to do so. But if you haven?t linked both accounts yet, it shouldn?t be a problem as you?ll receive a reply asking you to connect the accounts, to be able to use the new feature. As soon as the item has been successfully added on to your cart, you will be notified via a reply tweet from @MyAmazon as well as an email from the online retailer.

UK users will be able to use this feature as well, but they?ll be using the hashtag #AmazonBasket instead.

Just a friendly reminder, please note that by replying with the hashtag #AmazonCart, you aren?t actually buying the product yet, but only putting it on to your cart. To complete the purchase, you?ll still need to go through Amazon to make the purchase. If you decide not to continue with the purchase, you can just simply remove the item from your cart.

The new feature is very handy but you should be sure to remember not to use them for buying ?gifts or items that can be embarrassing, as the Twitterverse is mostly public and you don?t want everyone to know you want to buy something special for someone as a surprise. These tweets will be visible unless your Twitter account is set to private.

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