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Twitter 360 Video: Selected Partners Now Able To Stream On 360-degree via Periscope

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Twitter 360 video

Twitter 360 video is now actually a thing. It seems that?Twitter won?t let itself be overshadowed by Facebook and YouTube when it comes to featuring 360-degree videos. Twitter is taking another step towards live video by introducing live streams with?a 360-degree twist.

Twitter 360 Video Train

YouTube and Facebook both started the 360-degree video craze back in 2015. Unfortunately, Twitter did not pick up on the craze and as a result, it lagged behind the two social media websites. However, ?back in June, Twitter tried to implement its first 360-degree video experiment during that month’s NBA finals. Sadly, the reception was sort of dismal as the quality was sub par.

Fast forward to this day, broadcasters can now post their own 360-degree live videos via Periscope. Other?users can?then watch the 360-degree videos in real-time. Any tweet with?a red Live 360 badge at?the bottom-left corner can be panned around?with a swipe of a finger.

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Periscope and Twitter users can watch any 360-degree video with the use of the corresponding app. However, only a few partners are able to broadcast videos on Twitter at the present time. Furthermore, people should expect Twitter to release?a tool like this as the popularity of live streaming on platforms such as Facebook increases.

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Twitter?s Future

Apparently, Twitter is trying to release another feature?as it tries to stay relevant with?the current trends. The year 2016 had been a very challenging year for the?social media company. As a matter of fact, Twitter has gone through some rough times as it?looks for new avenues to explore.

However, Twitter has only managed to add new features and products incrementally. Furthermore, live streamers might have to plug a camera underneath their phone in order to start broadcasting and recording a 360 video. Thanks to 360-angled video, viewers can fully capture the streamer?s surroundings.

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Again, Twitter 360 video live streams are currently limited to selected partners. For more news and updates regarding the matter, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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