News COO: ‘Just start! Fire It Up, Play the Games You Love’

By on is unarguably the most popular streaming platform for video gamers. And the San Francisco-based firm seems to be taking the entire game industry by storm?in video game broadcasting at least.

The streaming platform is the fourth largest bandwidth user in the U.S.?having 1.8 percent share of the entire U.S. internet traffic?just behind Netflix, Google, and Apple. Twitch boasts 45 million unique viewers every month and has over a million channels. The average Twitch user averages 106 minutes of watch time each day.

In a long interview, Twitch Chief Operating Officer Kevin Lin told Games Industry International: ?When we set out to build Twitch and grow it, we certainly wanted it to be a site with mass reach.?

Majority of the broadcasters are using the PC platform, no doubt about it. ?PC has always been easy because you?re just setting up the software,? he said.

We?ve already seen games being streamed in other platforms, particularly consoles, and Twitch is planning grow these markets even more. There are currently around 250,000 unique console broadcasters a month which makes up 20 percent of all the broadcasters.

?The main expansion for us right now, where we?re going really quickly, is consoles,? Lin stated. He said that reaching out to the console and mobile markets, unlike PCs, have been tough because broadcasters would need to buy capture cards and cables then configure all the software, which was a very tedious task.

Besides consoles, Twitch is also looking into the mobile games market such as the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. In fact, they just recently released their first in-game integration with Asphalt 8 from Gameloft. He said that getting mobile users to broadcast would be something they?d love to do. In case of mobiles, it is more of a CPU and server issue because livestreaming can be a CPU-intensive task, Lin stated.

When asked about eSports, he said it?s something they love and support.

?E-sports continues to grow. It?s something we love and support, we?d like to see it expand, to have bigger events, more pros streaming,? the COO said.

Lin had this to say to all gamers out there: ?The key this is: just start! Fire it up, play the games you love. Don?t play what you think is popular if you don?t play it normally.?

?You have to decide what you want to be,? he continued. ?Do you want to be educational, funny, cutting edge? Work out your personality, listen to your audience. Reach out to us too. Speak to people who you think can help promote you. The key is to get started and to be willing to adapt.?

Image Source: Twitch Blog

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