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Twitch Guide For Dark Souls Show ?Moves? To Pass Difficult Game!

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The guys who are handling Twitch Plays Dark Souls decided to do some little cheating, but it still does not change the fact that the game is still hard.

Some guys decided to add Dark Souks for their latest Twitch Plays session, but since the game is really difficult, as it took them a couple of days before they can even finish the first section of the game. So the creator decided to change some rules and made the game to be able to pause during gameplay, this allows the community to plan ahead before performing any actions.

And with the change on the rules, the community were able to pass the first section (which was the tutorial stage) and even managed to defeat the second boss (Taurus Demon), and right now, they managed to slay the Belfry Gargoyles.

If you a kind of person who watches people on YouTube or Twitch playing video games, you haven?t seen how hardcore the Twitch Plays sessions are. Basically Twitch Plays is quite the same as with some Let?s Play videos (Let?s Play are those who play video games either taped or live and sometimes with their commentaries), except the viewers can actually participate in the Let?s Play session by entering a command at the chat box. As a result, everyone wants to take control of the character which took much longer to finish the game and made some hilarious moments.

The first Twitch Plays was for Pokemon which made a lot of receptions, if even received a Guiness World Record for the most participants on a single-player online game.

Though the change on the rules that allows a minor cheat in the game left some viewers a bit disappointed, it is still entertaining to see how the community can cooperate with each other and try to overcome the difficulty of the game by planning before taking action. And for the latest series, they are now tackling the ever difficult action RPG Dark Souls by From Software.

You can watch the livestream session of Twitch Plays Dark Souls by heading to this link

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