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Twitch Buys Curse: Epic Features We Should Expect From Latter

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Twitch, the world’s best video platform for gamers, attracts 45 million+ gamers every month to watch or broadcast live games. As we know, the Twitch community?s growth is unprecedented mainly because of the growing popularity of gaming apps, across the globe. And, today, as an extension to the success story, Twitch has decided to acquire Curse to help grow the community and also to cater to the growing demand.

For those unfamiliar,?Curse is a leading global multimedia and technology firm, with a main focus on content and also on products tailor-made for gamers.

Twitch?s Evan Freitas noted in a?blog post that ?We?ve long been fans of what they?ve been doing and we know a lot of you have been too. As discussions with Curse progressed, we have gotten to know their exceptional team who shares our passion for gaming and are equally committed to supporting communities with an enriched and more enjoyable experience.?

Twitch is banking on Curse to offer gaming tools and others resources to deliver quality gaming experience to its users. The expertise of Curse combined with the experience of Twitch will help the gamers across the globe share, connect, download and interact with each other seamlessly.


Curse?s competitors are Skype, Team Speak and Discord, among others. This service is available free of cost for Windows and Mac as web client and also for mobile ecosystem. The company says ?Whether you’re tapping on your phone or clacking on your keyboard, we’re available on all devices.?

The highlight of this service is that it doesn?t put too much burden on the CPU, and offers IP and DDOS protection.

Key features of Curse


The Chat feature has a beautiful UI and it supports ?rich-embeds, @mentions, attachments, search capabilities and custom emoticons,? to name a few. You can upvote any content via ?GGs,? which is nothing but a like-equivalent specific to gamers.


Curse promises to give you the best audio experience ever. From ?voice activation, PTT, packet-loss concealment,? to ?custom audio engine? ? you name it, and the portal offers it.

Friend Sync

Curse has the ability to automatically detect contacts from apps and games like ?Steam,, Skype, Smite and League of Legends.? This allows gamers to instantly connect to their friends.


With Curse onboard, you can find the perfect fit for your taste by discovering the right community to join. This enables you to share and talk about only those games and genres you are interested in.

Streamer Tools & Community Management

Curse offers integrated polls, giveaways, analytics and every possible feature required to better your stream. It has instant syncing facility, and you can also integrate your subs, mods, and viewers to your own personal streamer community server and manage it like a pro.


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