Twin Star Exorcists Episode 31: Benio Copes with the Loss of Sae-Chan

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In the latest episode of Twin Star Exorcists, Kinako the shikigami wakes up all of a sudden in an empty house and wonders where everyone is. When he thought that Benio was finally home, he was surprised to see Mayura instead. Mayura finally told him that he had been sleeping for two days, spent from the last trip he and the team had.

All came back to Kinako. Benio, Rokuro and Sae-chan had all gone to Kyoto. He remembered the painful moment when Sae-chan sacrificed herself for them. Mayura came to the conclusion that the reason the sky was blue again was because of Sae-chan?s noble sacrifice. She also said that the reason the people who were sick because of the miasma from Magano felt better now is evidence of Sae-chan?s sacrifice, too.

Later on, Kinako went to look for his master, Benio. He remembered the first time he was assigned to serve Benio, it had taken a long time for her to say a word to him. She was still a little girl then who was kept all her thoughts and feelings to herself. It was only later on that Kinako got to know the reason for his master?s odd behavior.

Benio?s misery

One day, Kinako found Benio training with a well-dressed lady. It looked like Benio had a long way to go in her fighting skills. Subaru-sama, one of the 12 guardians and Benio?s master, didn?t even break a sweat while she tried to attack her from different angles. Later on, Kinako got to know that Benio had seen her parents killed by Kegare before her very eyes, and this is why the little girl had been so withdrawn and persistent in her training.

The series continues as Kinako, Benio and Rokuro cope with the loss of Sae-chan. It looks like the 12 guardians are still clueless about where Arima-sama is. He is the head of Exorcists, and while gone, Tsuchimikado Mikage has volunteered himself to serve as acting Head Exorcist. It looks like this doesn?t sit well with the rest of the guardians.

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