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Twin Saves Brother Under Dresser Hoax: Dad Ricky Shoff’s Job In CCTV Company Fuels Allegations

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Image from Ricky Shoff’s Facebook page

A CCTV video of a twin who saved his brother from under a dresser is being slammed with hoax allegations. This is after people discovered that the kids’ dad, Ricky Shoff, apparently works for the nanny cam company that recorded the “accident.”

The young father initially uploaded a 47-second footage of the horrifying incident last January 1. A longer version of the clip came out a few days later.

Twin saves brother under dresser: What exactly happened?

The video shown was taken from a CCTV camera inside the Shoff residence in Orem, Utah. Two-year-old twins Brock and Bowdy were playing inside the drawers of a huge white dresser. The furniture eventually went out of balance and fell to the ground.

Bowdy was able to jump to safety, but Brock got stuck underneath the dresser. The trapped child wailed in distress as his brother tried to get him out.

Twin saves brother

Screenshot from Kayli Shoff’s YouTube channel

Miraculously, Bowdy was able to push the large furniture far enough to let Brock roll out.

“We know Bowdy was not alone in moving the dresser off of Brock,” Ricky Shoff captioned his now-viral post. To-date, the original clip has been viewed over 12 million times.

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Security measures

The thankful dad also reminded fellow parents to make sure that furniture are secured in order to avoid similar instances. True enough, it seems like a lot of parents followed his advice. Several individuals shared photos in comments sections of wall-bolted furniture pieces.

Some also pointed out the importance of having security cameras installed inside homes. The twins’ mother, Kayli Shoff, supposedly only left the kids for a short while when the accident occurred. It was only after reviewing the CCTV footage that they learned about what really happened to Brock and Bowdy.

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Clues that the video is fake

However, rumors are circulating that the twins’ dresser video is a hoax.

Some found it strange that the drawers of a huge dresser were all empty when it fell. Others pointed out how the nanny cam was conveniently aimed directly at the area of the accident. Several even questioned if the furniture is real, since a real wooden dresser will be way too heavy to be pushed by a toddler.

However, the biggest clue raised by Us Weekly is about how the twins’ father apparently sells CCTV cameras for a living. As per Ricky Shoff’s Facebook profile, he is a sales personnel in Vivint Smart Home. The security company made the surveillance camera that recorded the incident.

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