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Twin Saves Brother From Dresser: Should Ricky Shoff, Wife Be Charged For Neglect? FULL VERSION Of Viral Video Released

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Twin saves brother
Screenshot from Kayli Shoff’s YouTube channel

A viral video of a twin saved by his brother under a dresser is gathering making rounds all over the internet. However, some have slammed the children?s father and uploader of the clip, Ricky Shoff, and his wife.

Most of those who have seen the clip have looked at the positive aspect of the story. On the flip side, there have been several comments about how the twins? parents could be charged for neglect. This was specifically raised after a longer version of the video found its way online.

Ricky Shoff?s Facebook post

Last January 1, 2017, Ricky Shoff shared a YouTube link on his Facebook page. It showed the horrifying incident that was caught by their CCTV camera inside their home in Orem, Utah.

The 47-second clip started with two-year-old Brock already stuck underneath a drawer. The frightening scene showed the trapped child trying to move out as he wailed in distress.

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His twin brother Bowdy tried to push the huge piece of furniture off Brock. He went around it and kept pushing.

Miraculously, the toddler was able to push the drawer far enough to let his crying sibling roll out.

Ricky Shoff admitted in the caption that he was hesitant to post the now-viral video. However, he supposedly wanted to raise awareness. ?Please make sure all your dressers are bolted and secured to the wall? the father wrote alongside the clip.

The dad of three said he and his wife also want to share their children?s incredible bond and how they were miraculously saved. ?We know Bowdy was not alone in moving the dresser off of Brock,? Shoff said.

?All my boys ?

A post shared by Kayli Shoff (@kaylishoff) on

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Twin saves brother from dresser: What really happened

However, a longer version of the clip was shared ?recently. In it, the two toddlers were seen playing inside the room all by themselves for quite some time.

They eventually opened the drawers of a huge, white dresser and went inside them. Since the piece of furniture was not balanced due to the weight of the two kids, it inevitably toppled over. Bowdy was able to jump out to safety, but Brock got stuck underneath.

The twins? mother, Kayli Shoff, supposedly just left them very briefly. However, the longer version of the video ran for over two minutes.

Child neglect charges?

The clip?s full version raised concerns from several commenters after it was posted by Elite Daily. Some questioned how no adults attended to the toddler who was crying frantically for almost two minutes straight.

?These people need to be brought up on charges of neglect,? someone wrote under Shoff?s post. ?This story is only a picture of two people who should never have children.?

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