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Twin Saga Early Access: What You Need To Know About the Founder’s Beta

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Twin Saga Early Access

Twin Saga, a new anime-styled MMORPG from Korean developer X-Legend entertainment, has just opened up its servers for a ?founders only? beta test. If you?re itching for a new MMO to play, read on to find out more about Twin Saga early access.

Twin Saga Early Access Beta Now Open For Founders

Twin Saga features a freely swappable class system that lets players switch back and forth between different roles outside of combat. Another key feature of the game is its unique housing system. Every Twin Saga player gets his/her own ?Terracottage,? essentially a fantasy-styled mobile home that you take over the course of your journey. Players are free to customize their Terracottage, upgrading areas like the workshop which is used to craft equipment, greenhouse for farming supplies, etc. You can also decorate your living space and invite friends over to show it off.

If this sounds appealing to you, you can check out the Founder?s Packages?available here. There are three different tiers of bundles you can purchase. The $20 Pioneer Pack is the most basic option. After this, you have four $50 bundles which include additional goodies like mounts and skins. If you want to go all out, there are two $300 bundles which come packed with items and special perks that will definitely make you stand out among the crowd.

Keep in mind that the Twin Saga early access is still a beta test, so expect the usual assortment of bugs and glitches. ?We are having this exclusive phase of Testing for the Founders who can get early access to the game, play it and report extensively what they like and dislike. As with every other beta testing phase for any other game, Twin Saga would need your help to spot issues,? reads publisher Aeria Games? announcement.

We?ll be posting our first impressions of Twin Saga early access soon, so stay tuned for that.

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