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Hard work pays off and the guys at Promethium Marketing have finally released their iPhone gem, Tweet Defense. Just imagine Tower Defense using your twitter stats to boost your in game stats. That along with a bunch of cool new features not seen in other Tower Defense games gives Tweet Defense a unique edge. Here’s the full ink from Promethium:

Innovative Strategy Game Tweet Defense Was Built With The Help of The Community

Redmond, WA, March 9, 2010 ? Chris Paladino has been a software programmer, gaming community leader, death metal composer, and professional marketer. Today, he?s wrapping all of his experience into a delicious zombie and ham sandwich. Tweet Defense drops you on a research island overrun by viral marketing zombies who you have to defeat using the power of your Twitter network. The game was a labor of love for Paladino, who contributed concepts, product planning and even the metal?infused soundtrack. Paladino is also one of the founding partners for the game?s publisher, Promethium Marketing Group, a successful social media and community marketing agency.
?My partners and I came into this industry because we love having fun and we like taking risks?, said Paladino. ?We?ve done things we enjoyed without being given permission and it has always worked out one way or another. We built Tweet Defense as an extension of doing what we love.?
Paladino, whose official title is Director of Community, also leaned heavily on the company?s strong network of gaming influencers to provide content for the game. The voices for Tweet Defense?s zombies were provided by gaming community leaders, including Jose Betancourt of, Hailey Bright of Coin?Op TV and David Abrams of One gaming influencer who was eager to help also happens to be one of the most recognizable voices in video games. Carlos Ferro is the voice actor behind some of the biggest hits of this console generation, including Gears of War, Assassin?s Creed and Saints Row. Carlos can now add ?Tweet Defense? to his long list of credits.
Tweet Defense is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform for the limited sale price of $.99. The game was designed in partnership with UK development studio GrinLock and features:
10 incredible levels that build from easy walk in the park to devastating horror show
5 whacked out enemy types including the viral marketing zombie and zombie twins Gu and Ga
6 tower types including the new brain shock tower that turns your enemies against each other and the unique BOOSTER tower that lets you use twitter celebs to boost your tower stats.
The Tweet Defense story:
?A lethal marketing virus has turned half the world’s population into brain eating zombies. Now they are after you and your friends’ brains! All you have on hand are everyday items and an internet connection. Reach out to your twitter friends to help you build defense towers out of everyday items. Stop the zombies from penetrating your home base and eating your grey matter! With your friends manning the towers and your brilliant battle strategies the zombies don’t stand a chance ? or do they??

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