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TuShare- The App That Turns Garbage to Treasure

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TuShare- The App That Turns Garbage to Treasure

Garage sales and Sunday boot markets have always been a favorite of those who want to sell or give away pre-owned (or pre-loved as some call them) items, as well as those who want to buy ?cheap? but interesting finds.

On the internet, the marketplace has even allowed not just buying and selling, but swapping or trading of previously owned goods as well. It was only a matter of time that apps were built for this kind of exchange. One of the apps that is catching a lot of attention is ?TuShare?.

TuShare takes the system a step higher by making it easier for people to swap, share, and sell things that they want to get rid off and also browse and buy stuff ?that were on its way to the dump.


TuShare is a creation of James Bradfield Moody, an ex-executive director of CSIRO (also known as a judge in the ABC show ?The New Inventors?) and Kohei Nishiyama, a well known innovator (Nishiyama was recognized by ?Fast Company? as one of the top 100 creative people in business).

Both these individuals created TuShare as a social network based marketplace that not only offers a way of buying and selling but also a unique technology based system for handling affordable delivery service that is shouldered by the buyer or recipient (patent pending).

TuShare also features a ?wish list? where the users are alerted for specific things that they are looking for and becomes available when listed.

The app makers are also proud to disclose that their group is teaming up with similar minded NGOs to spread the usage of the app to make it a productive tool especially for those who need to earn funds.

Moody shares that ? TuShare has a partnership with ?1 Million Women?, a great environmental NGO……. ?1 Million Women? have already got 450 of their members using the site.?

Moody adds that TuShare is a great social tool. He says that ?I have already gotten to know some of my neighbours better as a result of giving baby items to them via TuShare,?.


TuShare’s appeal not only comes from the marketplace exchange or even the ?re-cycling? nature of the transactions. The social connection is a large aspect of the appeal of the app. Moody says he knows of people from different states connecting to each other just because they have same aged children whose items they have been able to share or swap with each other.


James Moody sums it up with a tale, ?My personal favorite story from TuShare is something that happened before last Christmas, I gave away some kids? toys, and the recipient was amazingly grateful. She also told me that she was going to wrap up the toys I had given to put them into her son?s stocking. So not only did I manage to avoid landfill and clutter, but I was also a true secret Santa for a little boy.?

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