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Turn your kid’s imagination into reality with these DIY forts

Build incredible forts and healthier relationships with your family!

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  • Interactive and safe Do-It-Yourself forts, mazes, castles, and tunnels
  • Relive and recreate children’s imaginations
  • Develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Unleash creativity 

Imagination is an essential component of child development. It helps children discover and enhance their skills, creativity, and critical thinking as they grow up. There are different interactive ways children can bring their imagination to life that also serve as stepping stones to express themselves and their thoughts.

Parents should encourage imaginative and creative playmuch better if they engage with their children. Instead of letting your kids play games and watch videos on gadgets, help them activate their imagination in a fun and exciting way that involves critical thinking and problem-solving skills!

Develop your children’s skills and unleash their creativity with Make-a-Fort! Make-a-Fort allows kids to build their own forts, castles, tunnels, and mazes, whether outdoors or indoors. You can rebuild them with your little ones any time you want using durable panels, yellow braces, and black connectors. It is definitely an interactive and educational bonding activity for the whole family, including your pets! 

Building their own fort will challenge your kids’ problem-solving skills. But here’s another exciting part: they can also color, paint, and design the reversible panels to encourage them to showcase their creativity! Once the fort is built, you can start playing with your children—recreate their favorite bedtime story or movie and dress up as their favorite cartoon or fictional character.  

You don’t need to worry about their safety, either, because it is sturdy enough to hold children aged four years old and above. Plus, the black connectors are made from dense foam. The panels and braces are made from recycled cardboard that is eco-friendly but durable. It includes a carrying case where you can store the Fort Kits and put them under the bed or in the cabinet when not in use. 

You can build a bigger and higher fort, maze, tunnel, and castle based on the number of Explorer Kits and Creator Kits that you have, as well. However, if you want a more challenging and even bigger fort, the Fort Packs and Creator Packs would be perfect! Each Explorer Kit consists of 20 panels, 18 braces, 86 connectors, and one carrying case, while the Fort Packs includes more than two Explorer Kits and Creator Kits.