Turkey blocks YouTube after leaks on military action in Syria

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The Turkey government ordered to block YouTube after a discussion of top security officials on possible military action in Syria was posted on the video-sharing site YouTube.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday said that the act was “villainous” while the foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu called the posting a “declaration of war.”

“They even leaked a national security meeting. This is villainous, this is dishonesty Who are you serving by doing audio surveillance of such an important meeting?” Erdogan said at a campaign rally.

According to Reuters, “the anonymous posting was an audio file with photographs of the officials involved” though they could not really verify the authenticity of the recording.

The recording which involved the intelligence chief Hakan Fidan’s discussion on possible military operations in Syria with Davutoglu, Deputy Chief of military Staff Yasar Guler and other senior officials was confirmed to reporters by Davutoglu.

“A cyber attack has been carried out against the Turkish Republic, our state and our valued nation. This is a clear declaration of war against the Turkish state and our nation. It is a wretched attack, an act of espionage and a very heavy crime to record and leak to the public a top secret meeting held in a place where the most delicate security issues of the state are discussed,” Davutoglu said, according to Reuters.

According to Mashable, this is not the first time Turkey has blocked YouTube. Way back 2007, a Turkish court blocked the service after videos insulting the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk were posted to the site.

However, online activist group Telecomix in a tweet confirmed that the YouTube ban is only DNS-based for now.

“It isn’t blocked universally at the DNS level at the moment. DNS resolvers can be independently administered, so it is hard to force them all to do something,” Renesys researcher Doug Madory told Mashable.

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