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Tumblr Launches IM Messaging: All You Need To Know

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Tumblr, the Yahoo owned popular blogging site, rolled out Instant Messaging service, bowing to the long-standing demand of its users.

Tumblr announced the launch of IM feature on Tuesday across all platforms ? Android, iOS and the web. The feature however is now available only to a limited number of users, but the company has promised to open it up to everyone else by the start of December. Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp said that the tool was born out of direct feedback from users over past few years and it had been the most requested feature.

The instant messaging service of Tumblr now allows real time messaging with threaded conversations between users. The messenger is really basic, it allows users to type text and share links to Tumblr posts. The IM chat window however retains the style and color of each user?s Tumblr blog. The messenger is built in with anti troll features that prevents messages from blocked users and also doesn?t allow anonymous messaging. Also the users can change the privacy settings of the blog to only receive messages from people they follow.

According to Wired, presently it doesn?t support private and group blog messaging, although Steve Moncada, Tumblr Engineer and Product manager, has hinted at development of group chat and sharing of GIFs and videos through IM in the near future.

The smiley bubble icon in web navigation bar or in bottom menu of the mobile app let the users know they have received the IM feature.

The IM service will likely replace the existing Fan Mail, an email like service,that was introduced three years ago by Tumblr. Tumblr also plans to introduce the ?Ask? feature on both Android and Apple iOS platforms, which allows readers or friends to ask questions and user can choose to answer them.

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