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Try Playing Final Fantasy VIII With Cheats

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Ever wanted to relive ?memories when you play with your favorite role-playing game? Then this might be the time for that. Square Enix recently announced in their blog that they have updated the PlayStation classic RPG Final Fantasy VIII and it now comes with a game booster.

What is featured in this game booster? Well, to make things simple, you can now play Squall and the gang in full god mode. Remember making those 9999 crits? You can now achieve this using the booster every single time.

Here is the complete list of possible boosts (taken from the post):

High Speed Mode

Speedrunner special! This mode allows you to speed up certain parts of the game (cutscenes, movies, battles and more) by up to five times the regular speed.

Battle Assistance

Great for final boss battles or for taking on Ultima/Omega Weapon again, this booster grants you an always full ATB gauge, always full HP as well as making Limit Breaks always available. It?s almost like cheating except that your characters will still die if the damage they suffer from one hit is greater than their HP levels.


Pretty self-explanatory! Normal attacks, certain limit breaks and some Guardian Force (G.F.) attacks will always deal the maximum 9999 damage.

AP Max

Ability Points (AP) are used to teach your G.F. new abilities. This booster therefore allows your G.F. to max out their APs when you?re on the world map. This should also help those of you attempting the No-Level challenge!

Magic and Gil Max

The magic booster, as before, will give you 100 of each acquired magic spell, but this booster now also allows you to give yourself the maximum limit of Gil.

Well, okay. We all know this is still cheating regardless of how it?s called. What?s the point of creating the booster anyway? To start off, if you don?t have the time to watch all the cutscenes and fight those extremely difficult bosses over and over again, this will allow you to do it. Moreover, the idea is to relive the romantic story of Squall and Rinoa, where we were all touched.

Of course, the game booster is optional and you can still play the original game and burn your time.

If you?re new to Final Fantasy or haven?t had the privilege of playing the PlayStation classic, then I strongly suggest that you explore the game at your own pace. But for the die-hard fans, it?s all about reliving those childhood memories. With the game booster or not, Final Fantasy VIII will still be an epic game.

The update also contains several other features such as Magic Booster?which increases the player?s inventory of certain spells, and Chocobo World?a separate application for previous versions which can be accessed by fulfilling certain specific conditions in the game.

Final Fantasy VIII with the new features and game booster will only be available on the PC version. If you don?t own the game yet, you can always purchase them online via Steam.

Image Source: Final Fantasy VIII Official Site

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