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The Truth About Rooting Android Gadgets

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Much has been said about iPhone’s iOS jailbreaking and how it is “illegally irresistible” to do. However, as the Android technology is spreading like a wild fire in the field of technology, we simply cannot miss out their own version of jailbreaking, known as Android Rooting.

imagesUnlike iPhone iOS jailbreaking, Android Rooting is not, or at least not yet,?considered as an illegal act. Basically, Android Rooting allows Android users to gain full control of their Android gadget and the applications they will install. Sounds a bit plain and boring? Not so.

The thing about Android Technology is that all the phone and tablet companies and manufacturers all over the world can have it for their own products given that they provide a good and generous deal. It does sound enticing at first as everyone can now possibly own their own Android gadget and will be able to access all the applications they provide. However, the catch though is that Android no longer has the ability to filter the phones and tablets which use the Android Technology, as they have sold the technology to the manufacturers, unlike Apple’s iOS which is exclusive to iPhones and iPads.

KODAK Digital Still CameraOne of the greatest disappointments that Android users have would be the very low internal memory of their Android gadget. It is of course not a problem caused by the Android technology but rather the gadget itself, and the sole responsible for this issue is none other than its manufacturers. Either way, it is still a problem to the users. Furthermore, such low internal memory is also consumed through the pre-installed applications in the Android gadget.

KODAK Digital Still CameraThe low internal memory will hinder the users in installing their desired applications, especially games which occupy a huge part of the internal memory. Furthermore, some gadgets do not allow the applications to be installed externally through a memory card and some do not allow expandable internal memory. And so, users are torn in choosing what applications should they install given the low internal memory.

This is where Android Rooting comes in. In Android Rooting, previously installed Android applications will be removed, making your Android Gadget good as new. And since the internal memory has been freed of unwanted applications, user can now choose the applications they really want.

Indeed, it is Android Rooting which makes ones Android experience complete.

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