Trump iPhone 7 Hit The Market With Costly Price Tag

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Trump iPhone 7 has reached the market with costly price tag. Now Donald Trump fans can buy a unique piece of iPhone 7 which has US president-elect’s face on it.

The Trump iPhone is encased in solid gold, entrusted with diamonds and having the price tag $150,000. Trump fans can buy this awesome iPhone 7 from Goldgenie, a store in the United Arab Emirates. This store is the favorite shopping spot for super rich people. ?

“There are very wealthy, high-net-worth individuals all over the world and sometimes its very difficult to buy gifts for them because they have everything,” Frank Fernando, Goldgenie’s managing director, told CNN Money.

Trump Memes

An Inspiration For Trump iPhone

It was a Chinese woman who asked Goldgenie to create an iPhone with Trump?s picture on it. Frank Fernando has not revealed the identity of the woman. She wants to gift ?the Trump iPhone to the U.S President-elect after takes the oath. If Trump accepts the phone, it will reach his penthouse apartment in New York City.

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Goldgenie is super excited by the tremendous and positive response from the customers. It has already received nine more orders for gold-plated Trump iPhone. ?Trump iPhone is likely to build a great fortune for Goldgenie. The shop is also likely to open its outlets in Spain and Malaysia.

?We have many visits from the royal families. They visit us in London and they don?t just buy one phone. They buy five, ten phones to give as gifts. We needed to come here to show ourselves to all the people in the Arab states,? Fernando said.

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Goldgenie’s artisans spent over 180 hours are spent to create the brand new Trump iPhone. This phone has packed military grade encryption. It is also equipped with call privacy features. Trump Phone has Goldgenie?s very own ?London Assay office hallmark. It has has been embellished with over 450 VS1 white diamonds in the Apple logo, according to Emirates 24/7. Goldgenie also creates customized MacBooks, Apple Watch, gold racing bikes etc.

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