Trump First 100 Days: 5 Worst Things to Expect from a Donald Trump Presidency

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After taking over the White House on 20th January 2017, Donald Trump may imbalance the American political system. Facing no restraints other than protests, what can be expected from Trump first 100 days? He would probably erase all traces of Obama in several ways. Let?s predict the worst things that can happen in the Trump Presidency.

Special prosecutor to Target Hillary

Trump expressed his negative feelings for Senator Hillary Clinton during the debates. He said she deserved to be in jail. It may happen that the House and the US attorney general may appoint a special prosecutor to investigate any government official for misconduct in office.

Rephrasing Obama?s Immigration order

President Obama has introduced a friendly immigration order for people across the world. Unfortunately,?the new president has a different view of the immigration system. Recently, the President-Elect has announced that he is going to deport nearly 30 million illegal immigrants from the country. ?This might result in an unpredictable mass arrest, incarceration, and deportation which were promised in the campaign.

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Building a Wall on the Mexican Border

People have witnessed his immense stress over building a wall on the Mexican border and deporting millions of illegal immigrants. Now he has the power to introduce new laws against trade and business with Mexico. He may restrict business, tourism, and many other activities from his neighboring country.


Normalize bullying and hate

The rate of bullying, hate and discrimination also increased over the course of his campaign. The number of hate groups increased as Trump stoked white racial resentments during his campaign. He even turned religious communities against him with his furious speeches.

Bomb IS to Increase foreign wars

The President-Elect said he wants to bomb IS and increase torture or other tactics. Presently, these are considered war crimes on?international levels. It may happen that he uses his power to start a nuclear war.

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