Trump Clinton Debate Live Stream, Replay: Where To Watch Online Highlights, Tense And Funny Moments

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The very first United States Presidential Debate is being held right now between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. As per polls, the two candidates are having a neck-to-neck battle for the post. So, this debate might give them the advantage over the other.

Democrat Clinton and Republican candidate Trump is currently on center stage, behind their podiums at Hofstra University on New York?s Long Island. The debate is going to take place for 90 minutes and it could certainly help the voters decide on who they shall vote come the Election Day.

Live stream, replay of First US Presidential Debate

Now, for those who cannot stay in front of their televisions for the live telecast, you can watch it through your mobile phones on this Facebook Live Feed. For desktop users, on the other hand, you can catch the debate right here.


With only 43 days before the Election Day, this U.S. Presidential Debate could be the turning point for each of the candidate. Clearly, this is a very critical period for their campaign and they should not mess it up in front of more than a hundred million viewers.

According to CNN?s poll, Clinton has a slight advantage over Trump with 44%-42%, respectively. However, this debate is expected to show how experienced that latter is, and how knowledgeable Trump is to become the president of the United States.

Clinton has been raising concerns about Trump and his inexperience on the national stage. As a result, viewers will definitely focus more on Trump?s statements in this debate as it will help them to know more the Republican candidate.

As for now, it is still hard to speculate who will win the U.S. Presidential Election 2016. Hopefully, this U.S. Presidential Debate will help the people decide. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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