Trump Cabinet Picks, Positions: Sarah Palin On Top Of The List? Other Names Likely Included

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Yes, Donald J. Trump is the next Leader of the Free World. Who will be the Trump cabinet picks? This is the next question. Who will help the brash orange man steer the U.S. of A into the ?right? direction is the next new craze.


Amanda Terkel, a senior political analyst for The Huffington Post, had reported that most of the Trump cabinet picks are likely to be men; they?ll be mostly white men to be exact. Buzzfeed had listed 41 potential Trump cabinet picks and only six of them were women.

Sarah Palin, a top pick?


Sarah Palin had been reported to be one of the top Trump cabinet picks. Politico reported way back in January this year that Trump said that the former Governor of Alaska would certainly have a post under his administration. The publication also reported back in September that Palin is eyed to be the Secretary of Energy. She revealed, though, that this is a post that she will not linger long in as she will abolish the department. She said that she will give greater power to individual states when it comes to their energy policy.

Now, though, Palin seems to be in the shortlist not to be Trump?s secretary of energy but to be the Secretary of Interior. Buzzfeed though declared that this could be something to just get some ?buzz? from Palin supporters.

Forrest Lucas, a California executive, is one of the top Secretary of Interior contenders, according to Buzzfeed. Harold Hamm is also being considered for the post. He is a fracking mogul.

Fringe Figures Considered

Many fringe figures are being seriously considered for Trump?s cabinet picks. According to The Huffington Post, many of the 41 listed by Buzzfeed are people that have never been in government. Past government people who have not been part of the government, and who want in again, are also being short-listed.

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