Trump Administration a Threat to Journalism? Reporters Wary of President-Elect?

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Donald Trump

Journalists and even non-journalists are aware of how Donald Trump views the press as ?dishonest,? ?disgusting? and ?scum.? And these words did not just slip out of his mouth once.

Donald Trump had been very vocal about his opposition to the media. With Trump?s success in the recently concluded US Presidential Elections, journalists cannot be blamed if they feel that the press freedom is at stake.

A Threat to Press Freedom

So is the Trump Administration a threat to journalism?

The Committee to Protect Journalists released a statement, less than a month before the Election Day, criticizing his insults to the press. Julia Ioffe, a journalist, received death threats after writing a profile about Melania Trump for GQ Magazine.

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That doesn?t end there. Newsweek?s Kurt Eichenwald, who is an epileptic, experienced ?cyberbullying, as a Trump supporter sent him a video that can trigger seizures. Kurt Eichenwald?s co-staffer also encountered memes showing hanging journalists from trees.

Donald Trump

There?s a long list of press abuse (both physically and through social media) during the entire presidential campaign, and it?s actually too stressful to dwell on that.

On the contrary, a big percentage of Donald Trump?s supporters are also avid viewers of Fox News. These viewers are said to feel like their values have been long ?diminished? or ?mocked?. ?Which is why, according to Fox anchor, Ms. Megyn Kelly, Trump won the election.

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The Fox anchor also defended Trump stating that some of the journalists crossed the line going againsts Trump.

Donald Trump?s plan towards the press

Trump stated his plans about the press during a Texas rally last February saying that he will open up the libel laws of US, to sue journalists if they purposely write false articles. But now that he has won presidency, it?s still unclear whether he has the capability to pursue his plan.

On the brighter side, Free Press President Craig Aaron stated that it would be close to impossible for Trump to sue the press and, as the law protects the press? right to free speech. Still, the law doesn?t stop the president-elect from suing journalists.

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