True Gamers Defeat IGN, Nate Ahearn Earns My Respect

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I just received an email from Nate Ahearn. He has apologized for not giving The Bitbag credit for the Aaron Greenberg quote. He has now earned my respect. I’d like to thank all the True Gamers for supporting The Bitbag. Do you see what I mean by power? You have it, you used it and something got done. Here is the email exchange between Nate and I:

Hi Torrence,

I’d like to give you my sincerest apologies for copying that quote from
your story on TheBitBag. I assure you that I do not take something like
this lightly and it was an unintentional oversight on my part. The
article on IGN has been fixed with a proper callout to your article.

Again, I’m sorry for the screw up.


Nate Ahearn

Here’s my response:

Thank you so much sir. Even though I can’t stand, I have much respect for you for addressing the issue and fixing.

Thanks again!


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