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True Detective Season 3 Renewal Likely But Might Be Further Delayed – Here’s Why

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True Detective Season 3
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It’s been nearly two years since True Detective Season 2 ended but there’s still no word as to when or if the show will return to our TV screens again. While HBO continues to insist a third go-around is possible, it still hasn’t given the green light for the long due True Detective Season 3. What’s the deal?

The series has so far made the biggest U-turn in television. The first run received not just high ratings for HBO but also excellent reviews from critics when it premiered back in 2014. It even earned nominations and won several awards, chiefly for its brilliant acting, stunning cinematography, deliberate writing, and astute direction. But it all fell apart in Season 2.

Lackluster Story

Most people attributed the slump to the lackluster story that did not live up to the engrossing twist and turns of the first season and HBO admitted they are at fault for this. In light of Season 2’s cold reception, former HBO President Michael Lombard revealed they pressured creator Nic Pizzolato to release the show much sooner.

We can recall the pilot season was almost four years in the making, so it’s no surprise that it worked so well. But Pizzolato had only had 14 months after the Season finale to conceive and execute the next season. No thanks to the rushed production, the quality of True Detective Season 2 suffered, which is why HBO has hit the brakes hard on Season 3.

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Although nothing is set in stone at this point, the network did assure fans that the series isn’t dead in the water yet. HBO’s programming chief Casey Bloys told Vulture that there’s just “no take on a third season yet.”

So, how is the show doing now?

New Showrunner

Earlier reports claimed that HBO is in the process fixing Pizzolato’s show. Particularly, it wants him to make some changes for a potential True Detective Season 3, including hiring a staff of writers or having someone new come in to serve as a showrunner. Either way, Pizzolatto would remain an executive producer of the series.

Last month, the show finally made some progress, hiring Emmy-winning writer-producer David Milch—the mind behind dramas Deadwood and NYPD Blue—to work with Pizzolatto. However, word is that the newcomer won’t be a showrunner. The pair’s collaboration is still early days and has not been formalized to date.

Longer Production Time

Suffice to say, HBO finally learned its lesson. However, it’s worth noting that True Detective Season 3  isn’t the only show which has been given a longer production time. Two of its biggest shows—Game of Thrones Season 7 and Westworld Season 2are also taking their time to air better episodes. The former which normally returns every April has been pushed back to July while the latter has no exact return date yet.

For those wondering when True Detective Season 3 might premiere, we can’t know for sure. It might take a while but it should return one day. Despite the less-than-stellar reception, Season 2 still generated decent numbers for the network, averaging 2.71 million viewers.8 short from series-best 3.52 million.

Cast Changes

Currently, there are no actors attached to Season 3. But Matthew McConaughey who starred in the first run as Detective Rustin “Rust” Cohle is keen on reprising his role for the potential third season. Woody Harleson’s Detective Martin “Marty” Hart is also tipped to return. If the show decides to hire new faces, though, there are a handful of suggestions that suits True Detective, including Idris Elba, Jessica Chastain, Josh Brolin, and Sandra Bullock among others.

Unfortunately, there is no indication at this time what creative direction the next season would take, so take the aforementioned with a grain of salt. We’ll be sure to update you though once the show provides new information about the True Detective Season 3 cast so. In the meantime, let us know what changes you want to see next season. How do you think can HBO fix the series? Leave your comments below.

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