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Tron 3, Avengers among Hot Disney Properties

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It was back on 2010 when Disney surprised us with a re-make of Tron, a movie that came out 30 years earlier starring a younger Jeff Bridges. According to Time, no matter how the first movie was received, we may be looking at a sequel of some kind?a trilogy, to be exact. Disney?s looking to make the second part of the movies, damn the critics; It also appears that the movie will be having the same cast this time around.

That?s also the topic of discussion in this Coming Soon article, with an added bonus. Aside from seeing one of Disney?s revived properties, we will also see something about the latest Avengers movie that is coming to cinemas this month. As it appears, the Avengers, no matter how popular they are, might or might not get a sequel after Age of Ultron?and it appears that they won?t give hints as to their fate.

Tron?s Legacy

It took 30 years for the Tron re-make to arrive. It should be a good sign that it?s only taken about 5 years or so for talk about the next sequel about Tron. Time credits EW and Hollywood Reporter for the talks about a new Tron film, which would also feature returnees Garett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde. The two are stars of the re-make ?Tron: Legacy?.

The soft critical response and good-not great box office records, according to Time, isn?t fazing Disney from creating the trilogy. It also appears that Garett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde wouldn?t be the only returness, as rumor has it Jeff Bridges will also appear in the movie again. Along with those rumors are the whispers about Tron 3 starting to film in Vancouver sometime this year.

Things Happening in Disney?s Backyard

Tron 3 isn?t the only movie making noise in Disney?s treasure trove of films.

Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is about to show this April, is clearly making some buzz, according to Coming Soon, or specifically, this Most Craved episode:

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In that episode, Tron 3 and Avengers get discussed in length. Along with the interviews come the question: will Avengers: Age of Ultron receive a post-credit ending? It appears that the movie won?t be getting anything at all, along with Paul Bethany not receiving any appearances in ads featuring him as Vision.

Updates, however, show the existence of Paul Bethany?s Vision character. Will other appearances in Marvel films follow? It?s not far-fetched, seeing how each place in the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe is connected to the other.

Disney?s Money Machine Working for Them

The news about a third Tron film, as well as Avengers: Age of Ultron, is welcome news for both Disney and fans of the films. It?s certainly good for fans to get a glimpse of their favorite characters?for Disney, however, it?s more of a good thing on the financial standpoint of things.


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