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Trivial Pursuit Tweet Goes Viral: Hasbro Mum As Game Question Renames ‘Logan’ Actor To Hugh Jackilometresan

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Trivial Pursuit Tweet

A Trivial Pursuit tweet has gone viral after it showed a hilarious error in one of the board game’s questions. It featured Logan star Hugh Jackman, who apparently also goes by another name.

The popular board game is played by answering questions related to general knowledge and pop culture. It is commonly enjoyed during gatherings such as family reunions especially during the holiday season.

Who is ‘Hugh Jackilometresan’?

47-year-old John Lewis received the board game as a gift last Christmas and eagerly played it with his family. 

The London-based journalist was playing its Family Edition on Tuesday. It was then when they noticed something unusual with one of Trivial Pursuit’s questions.  

The name of Logan star Hugh Jackman was featured in one of the cards. It was for a question about his 2008 movie Australia, where he starred alongside Nicole Kidman. 

However, the leading man’s last name was written as ‘Hugh Jackilometresan’ instead. 

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Trivial Pursuit tweet goes viral

“My daughter showed us the card and we all found it hilarious,” Lewis told BBC News. He then decided to share a snapshot of the erroneous card on Facebook and Twitter. 

Lewis did not expect the post to get the attention of thousands of people online. “The Trivial Pursuit tweet has had something ridiculous like 8,000 likes and more than 5,000 retweets in the last 36 hours,” he said. The unknowing uploader added that he does not even use social media that much. 

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Reason behind the error

Since he is also an editor, Lewis has a theory about how the error came about. According to him, it might have been a result of a “cavalier find-and-replace command.” 

“‘KM’ was most likely substituted for ‘kilometers’ by the game’s creators,” he said. This was emphasized by how another faulty card in the same pack showed a typo in “kilograms” acronym “kg.”

“The question read: ‘What U2 song plays in the ‘backilogramsound’ of a famous Friends episode?” Lewis laughingly narrated. 

After the post went viral, other individuals began sharing errors that they found in the game. Hasbro has not commented on the issue. 

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