Trip to Outer Space for ONLY $75,000

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A lot of people dream of going to the moon, watching the Earth from a distance and marvel at its beauty. It was not an easy task back in the old days. But fortunately, there is a way to get there as new technology offers you to go to space as easy as taking a ride in a bus.

Flying to space would cost you millions of dollars not unless Megatron is your best friend. Believe it or not, there is a much more affordable way to fly to space and have a ?once in a lifetime? experience for just $75,000. That?s right! You do not have to work for NASA, board Russian Space missions, or become incredibly rich to feel like an astronaut. Back in the days, prices were way too high as the ?first space tourists spent a total of $20 million dollars just to get to the International Space Station, ?and the recent Virgin Galactic?s efforts to take elite people for a much more reasonable price of $250,000.

WorldView Enterprises, in partnership with Paragon, will be offering a tour to the outer space. The idea is that you will be launched to space not by rockets. You will have a trip to space in a high-tech balloon technology.

According to WorldView, they have recently launched a test vehicle that would prove that this conceptual work, actually works. The tourists will be placed inside a capsule with a parafoil and balloon that will take them up there. The capsule features a bar, toilet, and a 260-degree view of the earth. The tour will launch early in the morning, allowing tourists to see the whole picture of the sun rising over the earth.

The experience is what they call ?Overview Effect?, ?and it?s got a good ring to it but they say it will be enlightening. Your entire perspective of life will change after you see how connected we all are and how small the Earth really is.

According to WorldView, they will need more test launches for the next couple of years and they believe that they will start commercial flights by 2016.


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