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Trinity Magnum VR Gun Controller Campaign Launched

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Trinity VR launched a Kickstarter campaign today for the Trinity Magnum, a virtual reality motion control device. The campaign aims to raise $60,000 in a month.

Users can handle the Magnum with either one or both hands, making it viable in many applications. The device can be used as a gun ?in FPS games, as a sword, or even to precisely decorate cakes.

?The?Trinity Magnum?is a precision motion controller designed specifically for virtual reality experiences,? posted by the Trinity VR team. ?Finally unlocking the field of view from the player’s hands, the Magnum gives you independent freedom to look and aim with a natural dual-grip form factor that makes you feel like you’re truly interacting with the object in the game world.?

You can get the Trinity Magnum Developer Kit if you pledge for $99 (additional $10 if you?re outside the U.S.), which includes both the Trinity SDK and the Magnum controller. If you?re lucky enough, there?s an early bird limited promo and you can get the same kit for only $80.

The Trinity Magnum Developer Kit will support positional tracking for the DK2/CV1 Oculus Camera, PSEye, and Microsoft Kinect for Windows, as well as most webcams.

If everything goes as planned, the kits will be delivered come December.

The first supported games of the Trinity Magnum will be the Quail Hunt VR, a level-based shooter game where you shoot quails, and Boot Camp, another shooter game. Trinity VR also announced that the Magnum will be compatible with a third party VR FPS game, Z0NE. If you think you are familiar with the game, then you are probably right. That?s because Z0NE is actually the same game as PixelRouter?s Rift Wars, but they decided to rename the game.

If you are interested, you can take a look at their campaign page for more info.

Image Source: Trinity VR Kickstarter

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