Trials Fusion: 2D Racing Game First DLC Pack ‘Riders Of The Rustlands’ Unveiled And Teases Co-op Mode

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RedLynx, the developer of 2D racing game platform Trials Fusion detailed its first DLC and teased its future plans for the game. The first DLC pack for Trials Fusion, Riders of the Rustlands, is expected out on July 29 for $4.99 on PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. ?It’s free as a component of the game?s $20 Season Pass, which will incorporate six bits of contents.

Antti Ilvessou, Co-founder and Creative Director of RedLynx, said in an interview on Ubisoft Blog that ?cooperative multiplayer mode? is coming to Trials Fusion, however, he didn?t provide any detailed explanation about it.

“Teams will be huge,” Ilvessuo says.

“There are many other free features after those too ? things we haven’t talked about but are on the roadmap. We are dedicated to the model of continuously expanding and improving the game with new features that will make the game even greater. This is the long-term plan.”

“We are planning to take the world of Trials Fusion to places that no Trials game has gone before,” he said, “into the clouds, under the sea and even deep underground.”

Ilvessuo likewise gave some new points of interest to the game?s first of six DLC packs, called Riders of the Rustlands, which will take you to the edge of the modern city where the principal game happens. This will be released on July 29.

Second DLC pack called Empire of the Sky, which will take you far above the planet,? is said to be released later in the summer and will include 9?new tracks, 18 new track challenges and 5 more achievements/trophies.

The pack accompanies a cluster of new challenges, tracks, and editor objects. It costs $4.99, yet season pass holders can download it free-of-charge.

Here is a list of what?s included on the Riders of the Rustlands DLC.?

5 new achievements/trophies

10 new tracks

6 classic Trials tracks

2 new Supercross tracks (local multiplayer)

One new Skill Game (?Laws of Motion?)

One new FMX track (?The Gauntlet?)

?18 new Track Challenges, including tasks such as:

?Infiltrate the Outsiders? hidden base

Compete in a game show against penguins

Find more secret squirrels

?New editor objects, including:

?Steel pipe set

Wooden ramp set

Computer mainframes

All six Trials Fusion DLC packs are expected to be released until May 2015.

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