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Trevor Noah The Daily Show Premiere: Host?s First Show Is Epic!

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Trevor Noah makes his first appearance as a host for The Daily Show. After making his announcement as Jon Stewart?s replacement, Noah started off the show on Monday without the familiar face of our favorite host Jon Stewart since starting in 1999. Although it will take some getting used to, the new Daily Show with Trevor Noah will be a television program to look forward to.

Here?s a clip of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah:

During the start of the show, Noah introduced himself and thanked Stewart and the viewers. ?This is as strange for you as it is for me,? Noah said, easing the tension while describing Jon Stewart as a kind of father, according to the Guardian. ?Dad left and now it feels like the family has a new stepdad, and he?s black.? Let?s just wait and see how Noah Trevor will do during the next few shoes.

In a previous interview of Trevor Noah from the Guardian, he described his experiences through the years. ?Obviously where you?re from may inform a lot of your decision. But traveling the world I learned that progressives, regardless of their locations, think in a global space,? Noah said in an interview with the Guardian.

?Although I?m a guy who happens to be not from the same place that Jon?s from,? he said. ?I?ve lived in America for years before I went back out on the road and I?ve learned to love the place.? He also added how he?ll be joining the group and dismissed the notion of him taking over the show, ?I?m joining the team, I get to be a part of that as the host and a face, sharing that space with my fellow correspondents.?

Even though we won?t see Jon Stewart on The Daily Show anytime soon, Trevor Noah?s experience and hilarious antics may make up for his absence and make the show even better.

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