Mick Fanning Surfer Shark Attack Caught Live On TV!

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Pro surfer survives shark attack

Mick Fanning Surfer shark attack was caught live on TV?last Sunday and made the rounds in social media, gripping the hearts of spectators all over the world.

Australian Mick Fanning got a second lease in life as he survived the onslaught of not one, but two shark attacks recently at the J-Bay Open competition held in Eastern Cap.

Mick Fanning Surfer shark attack

According to Fanning, he was waiting for his opportunity during the finals and was starting to paddle when instinct told him that something was behind him. When he looked back, he saw a humongous shark just a few inches from him and he started to thrash around.

Fanning started to feel like he was being dragged underwater, so he threw a few water punches before he felt his leg rope snap. That?s when he reappeared on the surface to the relief of spectators.

He then started swimming towards shore and before he knew it, the rescue team with their speedboats and jet skis were there. Another competitor, Julian Wilson, was also rescued. The competition was cancelled after that.

In an interview, an emotional Fanning shared his experience:

?It?s weird, I was cruising, waiting for my opportunity and I knew Julian was down the point and I was just about to start paddling, and I had this instinct that something was behind me, and all of a sudden I started getting pulled underwater and the thing came up. I was on my board and I saw the whole thing just thrashing around. I was being dragged underwater by my legrope. I felt like I punched it in the back a couple of times. It was dragging me underwater and then I felt my legrope break and I just started swimming. I was screaming. I was yelling at Jules to move as well but he was coming at me, what a legend he is, and then I turned around in case he (the shark) was coming for another go at me, and then the skis and the boat and all of that was right there. I just can?t believe it.?

J-Bay has always been reported as a shark-infested area, but with no incident of actual attacks.

Video source: News Times

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